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texty» Soul Survivor

I am a ghost, this is a dream
Theres something here, it calls to me
I sense it cuz its always there
So silent as I stare and stare
There is a light, when were asleep
Were barely doors, with locks and keys
With feelings of our hopes and fears
As sounds explode within our ears

Like stars at night falling fast asleep on the risen sun
Wait patiently, you can feel it cuz its always there
Light? stronger as you stare and stare
Like love and lies shake violently
down to the core to foster grief
It has a way to keep me down
I gotta say it wears me out

So sadly soul survivors
Lost and lonely in open water
Yeah oh

Help Im losing, help Im falling
Life is silent, the earth is calling
Every reason, every nighttime
And every day starts and ends in sunlight
But Im not okay with this vicious cycle
Somethings broken, it seems unnatural
These shapes are wondrous, but loosely woven
The sounds are deafening , and time is frozen
Yo oh oh oh

So sadly, soul survivors
Lost and lonely in open water
Yeah oh

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